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Swiss Type CNC Lathe
3pcs Back drilling tool (rotary) SYNTEC S900T NC Controllre
3 pcs Slnt drilling- milling tool 32 mm Max. processing diameter
6000 rpm Slant drilling- milling speed range  258 mm Max. processing length
18 m / min X`Y`Z`X2`Z2 10 mm Max.drilling diameter
110 mm X M8 Max. tapping diameter
350 mm Y 32 mm ID of chuck closing tube
260 mm Z 32 mm ID of spindle
410 mm X2 6000 rpm Spindle speed range
200 mm Z2 32 mm ID of sub -spindle 
7.0 kw Spindle motor 6000 rpm Sub -spindle speed range
3.5 kw Sup- spindle motor 200~250 mm Max. length of part eject
1kw X1 Motor 80~100 mm Backwork processing length 
1kw Y1 Motor 10 mm Max. backwork drilling diameter
1kw Z1 Motor M8 Max. backwork tapping diameter
1kw X2 Motor 6pcs O.D. Tool
1kw Z2 Motor 16X16X120 O.D. Tool size
1HP Hydraulic motor 5pcs Side milling tool 
0.8 KW Coolant pump motor 10mm (er16) side milling tool size
180 L Oil- tank capacity 6000 rpm Side milling tool speed range 
2905X 1690X2190mm Dimension(WxDxH ) 4 pcs front drilling tool 
3190 kgs  Weight (approximately) 4 pcs Back drilling tool
    4 pcs Front drilling tool (Rotary) 
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